What's a Trail Wrap?

What is a Trail Wrap?
A Trail Wrap is a multifunctional head wrap that offers a number of uses and ways to wear, including over a dozen styles on the head and neck alone. The wrap provides a means of comfort, practicality and style for all-season, all-terrain outdoor activities. Its compact size and unique functionality makes the Trail Wrap an ideal accessory for athletes, travellers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts alike! 
How can I wear my Trail Wrap?
There is no right or wrong way to sport the Trail Wrap..its uses vary as wide as your creativity takes you! With that being said, here's a list of inspiration for practical ways to wear on the go:
 •Wind & dust & snow mask
 •Sun guard
 •Helmet liner
 •Sweat band
 •Fashion scarf
 •Ear/head warmer
 •Hair tie
 •Swim top 
Ice pack 
 •Dog neckerchief  
 •Insect shield 
 •Sleep mask
 •Wrist band
Pirate style
•Neck Warmer
•When hot, soak the wrap to wear as a neck cooler
•Wound wrap (ex. blister guard)
•Use 2 wraps for a makeshift sling!