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This all season, all terrain wrap can be worn in 12+ ways on the head alone. No matter what (mis)adventures you get up to, we’ve got you covered. 

Trail Wrap Apparel - Made In Canada - Multifunctional Headband - Bandana Activewear - Adventure Apparel


Seamless ~ For ultimate comfort, style and functionality
Compact ~ Small enough to fold up and tuck in your pocket!
Breathable ~  Protect your face and skin from the elements while keeping cool and dry
Sweat wicking ~ Absorbs moisture in wet or sticky situations
Quick drying ~ Keep dry on a hot day; or warm on a cool day
Elastic ~ Retains elasticity over time

One size fits most. Approx. 24 x 48cm. 

Care instructions

Simply rinse your Trail Wrap with warm water and hang to dry.
Use mild soap if desired. Do not machine dry, do not iron.